We are a couple with two kids and Pepino, our youngest kid’s teddy bear. We love travelling. And so does Pepino. In this page you will find Pepino’s experiences travelling around the world.

We are originally from Argentina but almost three years ago we moved to Lausanne, a wonderful city near lake Geneva in Switzerland. To make the transition easier for our two boys we bought them (among other things) teddy bears at Ikea. But what we never imagined was that one of those Teddy bears, Pepino, would follow us on our trips around the world. Our youngest kid was two years old when we moved to Switzerland and he took Pepino with him, everywhere.This is the reason why Pepino is now part of our trips and our family.

To date, Pepino has traveled so many miles that we are thinking about starting a campaign with airlines so that they allow Pepino to earn frequent flyer miles. We hope you enjoy this blog with Pepino’s trips.

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