Business Class Iberia Airbus A340-600 Madrid to Buenos Aires.

Our first business class flight ever was with Iberia about 10 years ago in the old Airbus A340-200. After such flight, we tried different options but it was about time to try Iberia’s A340-600 business class product.
The experience starts at Iberia’s business class lounge in Barajas, a very spacious lounge with a good selection of food, wine and spirits.
Iberia’s flights to Latin America are usually very crowded, so priority boarding saves a lot of time.
Once on board and immediately after taking our seat, we were greeted by the flight attendant and offered a glass of champagne, water or juice.
We were also greeted by the screen in our seat J
Iberia’s Airbus A340-600 features a total of 48 business class seats, in a 1-2-1 configuration.
Seats are spacious and with decent storage space. They are also quite private if you use your table as a shade.
The amenity kit is not very luxurious as in other airlines but it is generous enough.
Iberia offers to its business class passengers a coupon with free 4MB wifi, which will allow you to sent 1 or 2 whatsapp messages. If you want to use more than 4MB you will need to pay USD 4.95 for another 4MB or up to USD 34.95 for 45MB. Pretty expensive compared to other airlines.

Shortly after our departure the meal service started. There was a nice selection of starters and main courses and a good selection of Spanish wines.



Before going to sleep, we enjoyed the entertainment on board. Iberia offers a wide TV screen with a large selection of movies, TV shows and games.

One hour before arrival we were offered breakfast.
All in all Iberia business class product was fantastic. Nice planes and good service.

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