“Una Canción Coreana”. A Symphony of flavors in Buenos Aires’ Korean town.

Perhaps the last thing a person would expect to read in a post about food in Buenos Aires is the review of a Korean restaurant.
Located in the neighborhood of Flores, the Korean town is full of restaurants. The area may be a bit dodgy and, in fact, the restaurant is only open until 10pm. But if you take a cab you can easily reach the place without problems. The deco of the restaurant is not presumptuous but the food is fantastic. And it is one of the few places in Buenos Aires where you can eat really spicy food.
We ordered NOKDU BINDETOK, KIMICHI JJIGUE and WOOGUJI GALBITANG to share. All dishes are abundant and are served with rice, Kimchi and Kacktugui.
Good service and prices are reasonable. You can eat for about USD 15 per person, including beverages. A good option in Buenos Aires when you are tired of beef.

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