Easyjet flight from Lyon to Barcelona.

We started our new trip very early in the morning. This time we decided to try Lyon airport for our trip to Barcelona. Lyon airport is located about 2 hours from Lausanne by car. Not that far away and we got a very good deal with easyjet. Departure was from terminal 3. Unfortunately, at the time of our trip, the terminal was being entirely refurbished and, for such reason, there were few options for dining and shopping. But we managed to find some food for our kids before the flight.

The flight was on December 24 so the Airbus A319 was full. Flight from Lyon to Barcelona is a breeze, only 55 minutes.
As usual, food in easyjet is not included. But you can find decent deals, including a selection of alcoholic beverages such as Prosecco or single malt whisky.

Easyjet is not our first option because it is becoming more difficult every day to take carry- on luggage on board and they charge for everything. But if you manage to find a good price and you only take a backpack (or even less), then Easyjet is not a bad option.

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