Europapark. Family Fun in Germany.

Early this year we decided to make a visit to a place that it is claimed to be the best theme park in Europe.
Europapark is located in Rust, in the south of Germany, between Freiburg in Germany and Strasbourg, France. The park is easily accessible from Switzerland, France and Germany. It is a 2.5 hours drive from Lausanne and just over 1 hour from Basel. We had heard a lot of good comments about this park and we were certainly not disappointed. The kids really enjoyed this place and so did Pepino. Europapark offers fun for both adults and kids. It has 13 roller coasters and lots of attractions for kids and the entire family.



The park is dominated by a gigantic sphere identical to the one you can find at the entrance of Epcot Center in Orlando. Also, as in Epcot Center, the different areas of the park are named after a country.


Among the many attractions available, we loved the “Volo Da Vinci” in Italy, and the “Fjord Rafting” in Norway, and our kids certainly loved the bumping cars for kids, where they can drive without the company of an adult.


Each area or “country” of the park offers its own dining option. We tried a beer in England and sausages in Germany. Our youngest kid still remembers those sausages and insists that we should go back to Europapark only to eat them again.
Europapark also offers accommodation if you want to stay inside the park. But we preferred to stay in Freiburg to explore the city on our way back to Switzerland.

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