Queen Studio Experience. A must see in Montreux if you are a fan of Queen

Are you a fan of Queen? Then you cannot miss this place in Montreux. And if you are not a huge fan, it is still worth a visit. Freddie Mercury, spent his last days in Montreux, where Queen had bought Mountain Recording Studio (Queen’s last album “Made in Heaven” was recorded here).

Today the studios are open to visitors for free (although visitors can make a donation to the Mercury Phoenix Trust). Strange enough, the studios now lay within the Casino of Montreux. In the Studio Experience you can find plenty of Queen memorabilia, read the lyrics in Freddy Mercury’s original handwriting and see pictures of the group, stage outfits and even the precise spot where Freddy Mercury recorded his last song.

You can also use a replica of the control desk to remix a song from his last album. This is a really moving experience because you can isolate Freddy’s voice and hear it as if he was in the room recording.

A unique experience if you are in the Lake Geneva area. Montreux is a city located only 90 kilometers away from Geneva. If you are in Montreux, you can also enjoy a statue of Freddy facing lake Geneva.


2 thoughts on “Queen Studio Experience. A must see in Montreux if you are a fan of Queen

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  1. Remarkable and trustfull, when i come to montreux i will visit queen and freddy studios love ron middelkoop mr netherlands leiden univ., a huge queen and freddy fan
    So i go to the queen and adam ambert concert 13 th nov 2017 in ziggio dome a dam , have allready ticket


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